A small fix for each class – Part 1 Order

Following a thread, that appeared on the official boards a while ago, I’ll post short and (hopefully) easy to implement fixes for careers.

I will post something to all 24 classes, even while I’m no expert on all of them, something that the original post discouraged. If I stry to far, please remind me, who the experts are…state your own opinion.


The largest problem, that swordmasters face, is their small and unreliable group support. They certainly are a tank class with constant damage, due to it being magic damage, but the group looses on buff, especially on their reliability, when taking a swordmaster instead of either of the other tanks.

My small fix here is the following: Buff-Toggle.

Whenever a swordmaster increases his balance mechanic the noted effect X will come to pass. X is sa pathspecific buff, so will be less effective, if a swordmaster doesn’t spec for the related path, that could be enabled and disabled similar to Staces of Shadow Warriors or Marauders.

X therefore is:

  • A heal of {Level}+2*{Points in the Path of Vaul} on up to 9 players within 45 feet. The following values show the resulting heal/second, that can be archieved if all players are within range:
    • Level 1: ~4 Heal per second
    • Level 40 RR0 0 Points in Vaul: ~160 Heal per second
    • Level 40 RR0 15 Points in Vaul: ~280 Heal per second
    • Level 40 RR100 15 Points in Vaul: ~308 Heal per second
  •  1 + {Points in the Path of Hoeth} AP will be returned to up to 9 players within 45 feet. The following values show the expected values, that can be archieved if all players are within range:
    • Level 1: ~4 AP per second
    • Level 40 RR0 0 Points in Hoeth: ~4 AP per second
    • Level 40 RR0 15 Points in Hoethl: ~68 AP per second
    • Level 40 RR100 15 Points in Hoeth: ~72 AP per second
  • Healleach: ({Points in the Path of Khaine}+10)*{{Level}}/20:
    • Level 1 RR0 0 Points in Khaine: ~1/3 Life per second
    • Level 40 RR0 0 Points in Khaine: ~20 Life per second
    • Level 40 RR0 15 Points in Khaine: ~50 Life per second
    • Level 40 RR100 15 Points in Khaine: ~58,5 Life per second


The largest problem for Archmages, that I see, is that they need to stay static if they actually want to heal for any reasonable amount. The combination of long casttime and low defences is a death sentence for them.

My lazy solution is to allow them to cast all heals, including channels and heals with casttime, while moving. To balance that out, they get slowed by 5% per related ressource.

The small slow is meant to prevent them from just running around, faster then everyone else while also healing. But even with that small slow(25% max) it should result in a way higher survivability.

Shadow Warrior

The largest percieved problem, that Shadow Warriors bring to group fights are the so called “Festerbombs”, a single ability, that can kill or nearly kill softer targets due to a tactic and buff-stacking.

As a minor Fix to that, I’d just change the related tactic. Instead of ignoring all resistances, it will now proc a random 3 second effect on the target(s): +10% incoming damage, -20% speed,+1 second cast time or -20AP.

This helps by removing the least liked ability combination on a shadow warrior, while giving him some Support in return. The Slow is similar to what the DoK’s pact has, the Casttime increase is similar to the Black Orc’s and will work as well against DoKs as the BO’s works against WPs. Both other effects should mostly be useful while assisting.

White Lion

The largest problem, that I see with White Lions is their pet. In the later game it just dies way to fast to be of much use or just gets stuck due to a very poor AI. This obviously impacts the white Lions effectiveness, because the pet brings most cc.

My small fix doesn’t adress the ai and pathfinding, but the speed, at wich the lion dies. All renown abilities and attributes will noch also effect the pet in the same hight. If the player bought 120 Strength, both the Elf and his pet will recieve 120 strength each.

This should make reduce the problem of survival a bit and scales completely with the lion’s renown rank and his choice of specialising his character. Offensive white Lions will gain a damage increase on their pet, while defensive ones will notice higher survivability on their pet.


The slayers problem seems to be the amount of support, that he packs additionally to his damage. Especially increasing cooldowns by 5seconds on multiple characters seems to be the main reason for that.

My obvious fix is reducing the duration, in my opinion a single second should be sufficient to be noticeable, while also making so called hard cc more powerful again. Harder cc will then be the most devastating way of actually taking someone out of the fight again.


Ironbreakers are the most balanced tanking class from my point of view. A single change is therefore hard to figure out for me. What I see as a problem, is that a lot of buffs get lost in the KotbS’s auras, that are more easily avaible and actually target the whole group.

I’d therefore propose to increase the buffed amount by a bit, so that they group buff would be a bit weaker then a one person buff, making both useful in a group.

An increase of 25% would bring the basic, masterylevel-less strength buff from 75 to 94 or from 120 to 150 with full mastery. This is a small increase in T4, but still something that could give the ironbreakers a reason to buff on top of KotbS’s auras.


The easiest fix for a mobile healer like the runepriest for me, is making all HoT tick once applied, not only after 3 seconds. This would give them a noticeable effect and would give them the option of stacking HoTs on targets, requiring less spamming of the so called Flash-Heal “Grugni’s Gift”.

Especially being able to directly heal with a HoT will reduce the needed time for actually reacting to a target switch of an assist, making sure, that giving other healers time to react is possible.


The dwarfen enngineer is a ranged supporter, who lost most of his support due to CC-nerfs in the past. Readding support again should be easiest by giving secondary effects to the least effective parts of the class – the turret.

Gun Turret: On every hit on the primary target, a buff will be applied that increases the recieved amount of critical damage by 1% each. This buff stacks up to 10 times and stays active until a critical hit is archived or 10 seconds passed.

Bombardment Turret: On every hit 9 Persons around the turret will gain 10 morale, while seeing how their enemies are devastated.

Flame Turret: The runes on this turret disturb enemy magic, reducing the next recieved heal of target by {{Ability-Level}}*2 up to a maximum 50% of the basic value. This effect stays active for 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.

Knight of the blazing Sun

Changes to the KotbS are quite hard, since they are, together with the chosen, the best at what they are doing. Out of improving other classes, the tactic “Dirty Tricks” would be my most likely candidate for change. I reduces the effectiveness of similar abilities on ironbreaker and shadow warrior, so changes to this ability will make both other classes more welcome in a group.

Dirty Tricks: The buff of Shining Blade will no longer increase outgoing damage, but heal the atther by 15% of the damage done.

Witch Hunter

The number one fix to the Witch Hunter is certainly removing the knockdown. A similar effect can be archieved by replacing it with an 80% slow over 4 seconds.

This should still make sure, that enemies won’t run away, but drastically reduces the cc on one of the burst-heaviest classes in this game. This should make the game a bit more challenging for them, but make it more fun for all those, that can now defend themselves.

Bright Wizard

The problem I see for bright wizards is a problem with their mechanic. Since the introduction of trivial blows as a counter to mdps, they actually have a hard counter. Changing the mechanic a bit to reduce the influence of trivial blows should solve that.

The mechanic will no longer provide bonus damage on crit, but instead will deal the same damage again over a timeframe specified by the amount of avaible career ressource. 10 seconds, if the ressource is below 50%, 7 seconds if the ressource is in between 50% and 69%, 4 seconds, if the ressouce is in between 70% and 89% and 1 second at 90% or more ressource.

This obviously results in them still having a lower burst at low ressource, while the burst at highest ressource is still as dangerous as it was before. The hard counter will still reduce damage, but the reduction will be way lower, the real counter will be their need to stay at maximum ressource for highest burst, making them dangerous for themselves.

Warrior Priest

The Fix I’d propose for warrior priests is actually an equipment fix, that reduces passive RF generation due to sovereign procs and none-book equipment. But since I was talking about class- not euipment fixes, this would be the second fix:

All so-called group healing abilities will now affect the closest player within 65 feet and will continue to jump to further players, until there is no further player within range or 9 players in total were affected. The jumping is without an enforced waiting period.

This will make it harder to archieve the best possible healing output, without getting into a threatened area and moving with the flow of the battle. This is not really a nerf to the raw numbers, but an increase in difficulty for best output.

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