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After discussions about guard started again on the official boards, I’d like to have a look at the main points for nerfing it. At the same time, I’ll propose a solution to those points.

In my opinion guard is fine in the way it is at the moment. This text is mostly for those who do not agree.

The critized points

  • Damage taken from guard is lost in group heal spam
  • guard needs no or only a very small amount of attention from the tank after being put on a target
  • Dividing Guarder and Guardee is to hard
  • Bewachen neutralisiert den Nutzen von Detaunts

Damage avoidance

Damage avoidance is supplied passively by block and parry. These values are only influenced by the attributes of the tank himself, since guard damage is counted as an attack on the tank himself.

The easiest fix, I see here, is making guard damage count as damage of the original attacker. This would mean, that the guarding tank has to deal with all parry and block reductions as well as the damage stat of the attacker.

This will usually increase the damage a tank will take from guard.


The required attention is mostly dictated by the enemies’ assist. The better it is, the more often guard needs to be switched and the faster this switch needs to happen.

Since patching a player’s ability to assist, there is no reasonable way of increasing the needed attention without making it unusable.


Originally, dividing guardee and guarder was pretty easy due to kicks. With the introduction of immunities, this was obviously changed and made way harder to archive.

I would propose removing the kick-immunities, so that kicks can be used more often. This will most likely leas to more healers being kicked around, but it shouldn’t result in a decrease of fun.

The immunities were originally meant to prevent permanent exclusion from playing the game. This is a thread, I can’t see with kicks at the moment.


Since detaunts don’t stack with guard, one of the main survival tools of DPS and Healers is useless while guarded.

Even while this is something that should change, I fear, that any combination of damage reduction and distribution will be way to devastating to any balancing effort. Therefore I wouldn’t address this issue.


With those change to damage avoidance, the amount of damage tanks take will increase greatly if the attackers are dps-classes, because they usually bring high primary stats and avoidance reduction stats.

This increases the attention, that healers need to spend on their tanks, because a mere group heal won’t cover the damage they will take. Obviously, tanks specialising for guard will be less affected, since they bring high avoidance.

The removal of kick immunity will bring two benefits. First, it will be way easier to split and kill groups, even if they are organised and you are playing in a PUG. A kick is a single-person exercise after all, so it’s effecticvity doesn’t change inn between those two forms of groups.

Second, it will increase the amount of time, that tanks need to spend to get back to their guarded target. This will at least increase the amount of tanks needed to keep a person covered 100% of the time.

My own thoughts

As I already mentioned right in the beginning, I don’t think that changing guard is needed. Changes to lifepoints and healdebuffs can archive similar positive effects.

The large benefit of the mentioned solutions is, that they don’t increase the amount of attention a tank needs to bring. At the moment, a good tank will keep track of the own assist, the enemies’ assist, buffs and debuffs and of course guard. Good tanks are already pretty occupied, without making it worse.

The problem, that most try to solve this way is not overpoweredness of tanks, but to strong melee damage dealers as far as I can tell. Why this needs to bring changes to an ability, that is as effective to everyone, including all damage dealers and healers, is something I don’t understand.

What do you think? Should guard be changed? Would that solve any problem?


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