CC with 1.4.7 and hopes for adjustment – Part 2 Destruction

Similar to the first article concerning damage dealer’s crowd control, I’ll start with the changes, that will happen with patch 1.4.7. At the same time, I’ll still provide ideas about how to remove the so-called “hard” cc from them, making sure, they leave that role to tanks.

This part already includes changes proposed by Keaven Freeman on the boards , making time changes different from what they are in part 1.

If you haven’t read the first part, you find it here.


before 1.4.7

  • Don’t Go Nowhere – 40% 5s slow
  • Git To Da Choppa – AoE-Pull
  • Sit Down! – 2s Knockdown
  • Stomp Da Yard – 3s AoE Knockdown M4
  • Wot’s Da Rush? – 10s 10-40% AoE Slow

Changes in 1.4.7

  •  Sit Down! – 3s Knockdown

Ideas for further changes

  •  Stomp Da Yard – 10s 60% Sprint(M4)
    Due to the fact, that Choppas already feature an AoE-Pull, I see no reason to give them a second one. To simulate the Effect of an AoE-Knockdown on the battlefield instead, I decided to give him a group-wide speedboost. That should bring the same effect concerning hunting someone down, but won’t completely shut down the enemy. Additionally, it could also be used as a defensive tool to leave combat for regrouping.
  • Sit Down! – 5s Root
    In my opinion there is no difference in use in between a choppa’s and a slayer’s knockdown, so I decided to also give him a root, that makes sure he could get away.


until 1.4.7

  • Chaotic Rift – AoE-Pull/AoE-Slow 40% 4s
  • Daemonic Infestation – 9s AoE Stagger
  • Daemonic Maw – 40% 10s Slow
  • Instability – 3s AoE Knockdown
  • Mage Bolt – Kick M1
  • Perils of The Warp – 3s Disarm
  • Scintillating Energy – 15s Stagger M3
  • Surge of Insanity – AoE Interupt
  • Tzeentch’s Grasp – AoE 10s Root
  • Unleash the Winds – AoE Kick
  • Warping Blast – Kick

Changes in 1.4.7

  • Daemonic Infestation – 3s AoE Stagger
  • Instability – 2s AoE Knockdown
  • Scintillating Energy – 9s Stagger M3
  • Tzeentch’s Grasp – AoE 5s Root

Ideas for further changes

  •  Tzeentch’s Grasp – level/0.5s AoE Movement-Barb/50% Slow
    As far as I am concerned, the AoE-Root doesn’t fit to a static defender. Therefore the Magus gains the same combination of slow and movement barb, that I already gave to the engineer.
  • Surge of Insanity  – next ability within 5s hits a different(,random) target
    I see interupts as relatively ineffective, both for the higher-caster side as well as in times, where most people won’t use anything with cast-time if they can help it. The noted secondary effect, would be independent of cast-time and should work similar in most cases.
  • Daemonic Infestation  – 3s AoE Stagger/9s AoE 30% Slow
    Since Magi, as well as engineers, are supporters rather then pure dps, I believe they both deserve a secondary effect on their stagger, that makes it more of a defensive tool. A small slow should be able to provide that without increasing the offensive capabilities.
  • Instability  – AoE 5s Disarm
    As well as in case of the engineer, the pet is a very important tool for a magus. Therefore he gains a fitting effect, when actually killing it. Melees are the most likely target, making me decide on a disarm.
  • Scintillating Energy – 3s Silence,10s 60% slow M3
    Since Magi already feature a stagger and staggers tend to break often due to their mechanic(AoE-Dots), I decided on replacing it with something less dependant on not being hit.


until 1.4.7

  • Concussive Jolt – AoE 3s Knockdown
  • Death Grip – 4s Disarm
  • Energy Ripple – 3s AoE Knockdown M4
  • Mouth of Tzeentch – AoE interupt
  • Mutated Energy – 3s knockdown
  • Terrible Embrace – Pull

Changes in 1.4.7

  •  Concussive Jolt – AoE 2s Knockdown

Ideas for further changes

  • Concussive Jolt – AoE 5s 40% Slow
    While a Marauder has a relatively low burst, an AoE-Knockdown is certainly to much for any damage dealer, even tanky ones. Taking a slow instead, will keep the option of making fleeing way harder, but won’t take the possibility of reacting from the marauder’s target.
  • Energy Ripple – 10s 50% damage taken by the group
    The second knockdown is, out of obvious reasons, also something I don’t like to see in a damage dealer’s hands. I’d replace it with a damage debuff, that fits to his rather defensive and supportive role.
  • Mutated Energy – 5s Root
    The last knockdown is obviously also something, I’d like to see removed. A root features most of the options the knockdown had, but won’t make the target unable to react. This won’t really change the offensive way in that it is usually applied.


until 1.4.7

  • Arctic Blast – 4s 40% Slow
  • Crippling Terror – AoE Silence+Disarm 7s M4
  • Frostbite – 3s Disarm
  • Grip of Fear – 10s AoE Root
  • Mage Bolt – M1 Kick
  • Paralyzing Nightmares – M4 AoE Root 7s
  • Scintillating Energy – 15s Stagger M3
  • Stricken Voices – 3s AoE Silence
  • Triumphant Blasting – Knockback on Path of Destruction Abilities
  • Unleash the Winds – M4 AoE Knockback

Changes in 1.4.7

  • Grip of Fear – 5s AoE Root
  • Paralyzing Nightmares – M4 AoE Root 10s
  • Scintillating Energy – 9s Stagger M3

Ideas for further changes

  • Arctic Blast – 4s 60% Slow
    In my opinion the slow’s power or duration was way to low, since any kind of speed-increase had a longer duration. Increasing the slow a bit is more of a fix in my opinion.
  • Grip of Fear -1s Cast time increase for 5s
    Since Sorceresses do already have ways to escape now, this ability is meant as support, obviously the most annoying against those, that did not expect cast times at all.
  • Scintillating Energy – 3s Silence,10s 60% slow M3
    Since this stagger is shared among all casters and they also share damage over time as their main way of delivering damage, the sorceress also gets the replacement already featured in the magus’ list.
  • Triumphant Blasting – 3s 40% on Path of Destruction Abilities
    Instead of the hard cc, a knockback, I did add a slow, that should give the sorc a bit better kiting abilities. That might bring her survivability to a useful amount.
  • Unleash the Winds – AoE-Slow 30%/AoE Kick M4
    Due to the low range of AoE-Knockbacks and the squishyness of Sorcs, I did add a small slow into the effect. This could help making the ability a minor bit more useful, since it makes getting out of melee easier.

Squig herder

avaible cc before and after 1.4.7

  • Big Claw – 9s 40% Slow
  • Bounce – 2s AoE knockdown
  • Don’t Hit Me! – Interrupt
  • Drop That!! – 4s Disarm
  • KABOOM! – AoE Knockback
  • Point-Blank – Knockback M1
  • Squig Goo – AoE 60% 9s Slow
  • Sticky Squigz – AoE 40% 10s Slow[+selfknockback]
  • Stop Runnin! – 40% 10s Slow

Idea for a further adjustment

  • Bounce – 6s channeled interupt(1/0,5s)
    Since I’m trying to replace knockdowns and as much hard cc as I can, changing the melee squig herders knockdown is a necessarity. With the channeled interrupt, it should make him able to keep a lot of healers from healing efficiently, if nobody  interrupts him. In best case, it could be close to a 100% healdebuff.

Witch Elf

until 1.4.7

  • Agile Escape – 3s stagger[+selfknockback]
  • Heart Seeker – 2s knockdown
  • On Your Knees! – 2s knockdown
  • Throat Slitter – 3s Silence
  • Sever Limb – 4s Disarm
  • Throwing Dagger – 5s 40% Slow

Changed in  1.4.7

  • Heart Seeker – 3s knockdown
  • On Your Knees! – 3s knockdown
  • Agile Escape – 6s stagger[+selfknockback]

Ideas for further changes

  • Agile Escape – 5s 60% Slow[+selfkick]
    As I already said, when talking about the witch hunter on the previous post, I see no reason, why a class needs both, an option to escape easily and bound to that a way, that makes following impossible(stagger). As I  have done before, I remove the stagger to bring it closer to the shadow warrior’s escape tool.
  • On Your Knees – 5s 60% Slow,+1s Casttime
    This once-knockdown is meant to bring a bit group support. I won’t be as devastating in 1vs1 as a knockdown would be, but will still hinder all characters. But at least this one will give them a chance to defend themselves.
  • Heart Seeker – 5s 5% group-damage buff
    Due to the fact, that witch elves already deal a lot of damage, a small damage increase should work nearly as well as a knockdown. Since this would be a group-buff, it would scale from 1vs1 to 6vs6 without gaining or loosing power. This should make sure it won’t be over- or underpowered at any scale.

As I already did with the previous article, I’d really like to know what you think of the changes, both those I proposed and those decided upon by Bioware-Mythic. I’d obviously prefer comments, but I’d be happy about any kind of statement.

Displayed: Is Part 2 of the past 1.4.7 CC-changes balanced? | Ist Teil 2 der nach-1.4.7 CC-Änderungen ausbalanciert?

  • Mostly no/Größtenteils nicht (100%, 1 Votes)
  • Yes/Ja (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Mostly yes/Größtenteils (0%, 0 Votes)
  • No idea/KeineAhnung (0%, 0 Votes)
  • No/Nein (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

Wird geladen ... Wird geladen ...

Since I worked on both factions, the one thing the most interesting should obviously be faction balance. What do you think my changes would do to it?

Would Part 1 and 2 of the after 1.4.7 changes change realm-balance? | Würden Teil 1 und 2 der Änderungen für nach 1.4.7 die Balance der Seiten ändern?

  • Ja|Yes (100%, 1 Votes)
  • Nein|No (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Keine Ahnung|No idea (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

Wird geladen ... Wird geladen ...

Hope you enjoyed reading, for the next time there hopefully will be something less theoretically avaible as topic,


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