Changes to CC in 1.4.7

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After having an announcement on the official Boards regarding changes to CC, I’d like to share my thoughts on those. The changes are all meant to reduce disparancies in cc-duration between existing cc.

==[ Knockdowns ]====
3s – Knockdown, AoE Ability
4s – Knockdown, ST Ability or AoE Morale
5s – Knockdown, ST Morale

There are two quite obvious things about knockdowns:

  • The Duration did mostly increase, especially for the dps-classes
  • There are no adjustments concerning the effects, these changes will have on some classes. Witch elves and shadow warriors could very well be able to kill most classes, before those have a chance of attacking. 4 seconds of knockdown are a very long time on high dps-classes and mobile ranged dps in small scale.

==[ Staggers ]====
3s – Stagger, AoE Ability
6s – Stagger, ST Ability or AoE Morale
9s – Stagger, ST Morale

In general I can agree on reducing the duration of staggers, since they do have a large role in fights, large enough to actually change the outcome with one good application.
What I do doubt tho, is that a weaker form of knockdown should have the same duration. With only three seconds on stagger, I’m usure, if anyone will pick it up instead of using a 4 second knockdown.
This could increase the amount of Ironbreakers in groups, since their buffs are especially effective on mdps and Knights wouldn’t be needed for the (once) most powerful CC in the game.

==[ Roots ]====
5s – Root, Ability
10s – Root, Morale

Most roots are already of the same duration across different classes. They are one of the weakest form of ccs, since they have large trouble of keeping any target from acting.
Especially Healers can more or less ignore them, if they aren’t on the run at that moment.
I personally doubt, that this minor change will have any effect on the use of roots, since they’ll still be the weakest of all options under most circumstances.

What I’m really missing is the adjustment to other forms of hard CC, since without changes some will loose all their value.
When a silence has the same duration as a knockdown, picking the silence doesn’t really make sense, since it won’t keep your enemy from moving.

If I had any kind of control about the developement, I’d rather like to see a version similar to this:

Note: All tanks get a secondary effect associated with their cc, that starts, when the cc ends, reducing the newly created imbalance to dps-classes a bit:

  • IB/BO -30% slow for 3 seconds
  • CH/KotbS +33% casttime during the next 3 seconds
  • SM/BG -30AP over 3 seconds


ranged melee ranged moral melee moral
Single target 2s 3s 3s 4s
Area of effect/multiple targets 1s 2s 2s 3s


ranged melee ranged moral melee moral
Single target 3s 4s 4s 5s
Area of effect/multiple targets 2s 3s 3s 4s


 ranged melee ranged moral melee moral
Single target 4s 5s 5s 6s
Area of effect/multiple targets 3s 4s 4s 5s

All values are a multiplier of guardrange

 ranged melee ranged moral melee moral
Single target 2 2.5 2.5 3
Area of effect/multiple targets 1.5 2 2 2.5

I’m quite sure, this post and my remarks will go unread by those in charge, but I still hope, that somebody takes the time needed to make it work.
I really don’t want to hear ‘I’m dead’ before the knockdown even ended…


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