Changes to the Blog

Hi everybody,

As you might have noticed, I changed a few things around here. Hopefully it will make it easier to use my Blog or at the very least more conftable.

Why I wanted changes

The main reason for those changes is certainly the dual language, that just isn’t supported by wordpress and doesn’t seem to be intended either. The only real option for that are two distinct pages, something I really didn’t want to have.

Therefore I tried to get my temporary-turned-permanend solution a bit more stable and way easier to handle. Easier to handle for both, you and me – as well as everyone else who might stuble upon this blog.

Additionally I was looking for options to show of newer stuff, that I was doing. The livestreams for WAAAGHde for example couldn’t be presented well in a single sidebar, they would just have gotten lost due to the length of it.

Last, but not least, I’ve also been using this layout for ages, without any real changes since I started blogging years ago. A spring cleanup can’t hurt, not even a blog…can it?

What I changed

  • Posts’ categories are now properly sorted by relationship
  • The link to the german translation is now properly part of the head and not a part of the actual content
  • The blog should be easily usable for all devices in between 200px and 1800px width. If your device has an even larger screen, the blog might just look a bit short.
  • You have the option of subscribing by mail, sending you a single mail each time I publish a new post
  • RSS-Feeds are easier to reach
  • If there are any questions to ask, you now have more options to contact me linked in the header
  • english pages finally show the categories of the german post – not perfect, but at least a bit better

How do you like the new layout? Does everything work properly? Would you want something a bit different?


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