Developer Q&A 15.03.2013

As already posted by Etaew, the developers Keaven and Kevin answered a couple of questions this week. In the following text, I’ll comment on some of them.

2) Can the + XP book be made destroyable or sellable?

KEVIN: No! Books should not be destroyed. Fine, I’ll think about it. Other than the fact that inventory slots are precious, are there any other specific reasons that the books need to be removed from the inventory?

For the XP-Books are an annoyance, simply, because the near to be worn off. Even if you gain no benefit from XP anymore, you’ll still have to spend half of your pocket items just to get a single space of your backpack back.

My favorite solution would be a kind of merchant, who buys those books back. The price would be based on the left over duration, similar to

(<buying price>*<left over duration>)/(2*<maximum duration>)

By selling, there would be some return of crests, but never as many, as you originally payed. Additionally, the newer a book is, the more crests it would give, prevint abuse of last-second sells.

3) Can we have public quest for actual RvR, that span the whole area(i.e. kills,BO-taps) and reward something useful to all those, who worked on it? Maybe potions like unique liniments?

KEVIN: An interesting idea. It is possible, however I wouldn’t want it to become the primary objective of the RVR Lake.

KEAVEN: There are already issues of groups circling the battlefield avoiding one another, and even blatant cap-trading. Something like this could be a very useful way to give out extra rewards, but it would need to be self-correcting in some way, so there was no advantage (or incentive, for that matter) to cap-trade with the enemy. This could be a future Dev Discussion topic

The primary fear of the developers seems to be circle-raiding while trying not to meant an enemy. Maybe I’m a bit too trusting in the good of people, but would the following tasks really make people avoid the enemy?

  1. kill 25 enemy players at battle objectives
  2. kill 100 enemy players in the rvr-area
  3. 50 resource carriers send
  4. 20 resource carriers arrived at their destination
  5. 10 resource carriers killed
  6. 5 battle objectives take against defenders(i.e. at least one kill in that area)
  7. 50 tanks killed
  8. 50 melee damage dealers killed
  9. 50 healers killed
  10. 50 ranged damage dealers killed
  11. 20 Skaven killed
  12. 5 rams destroyed
  13. 25 machines of war destroyed(including rams)
  • 1,2,3,8,9,10,11 are kill-quests, they need fights.
  • 3,4,5 are related to resource carriers, while trading is possible here, the damage take is way higher than the winnings, making sure, that each side tries to keep their carriers alive.
  • 1,3,6 just have the effect of making battle objectives a usual destination for both sides. Trading should mostly be prevented by the kill-requirement on taking an objective. Mostly, because that person dying will lose out on some rewards.
  • 12,13 are also kill quests, but some, that target war machines, not players. The long way in between keeps(rams) and the limited amount of war machines in total should be sufficient to minimize the problem. Losing out on the renown for taking a zone or shooting with any other war machines is something, that few players will accept

4) Is there any reasonable chance to have some of the devs and the cm+team playing the game openly on a fixed day (let’s say first friday of a month)

KEVIN: Technically this is possible. Personally, I like to play anonymously without any of the advantages (or disadvantages) that being a Developer might bring.

KEAVEN: We’ve had a long-standing policy against this, but after seeing how well Friday Fight Fest went over on Wrath, it is something we’ve considered revisiting.

If there’ll actually be a Friday with obvious developers, than the only thing I can do is applaud. Next to personal interest in what the developers will play, it also offers a chance to bridge the gap between players and developers. From time to time, the impressions of these two sides don’t seem to even remotely match.

Even if I already started asking for new Questions on, you are also invited to leave some here in the comments. Latest possible time is wensday at 1pm GMT.


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