Goodbye Keaven

As Keaven already mentioned on his Blog, he left Mythic and therefore Warhammer Online this month.

What did he bring us in WAR? Well, first there is the still ongoing live event  “Return to Erkrund” and the more or less random live event “Daemonic Gifts of Khorne”.

Even while both events had a very powerful reward, they proved, that Mythic was still willing to develope something new. On top of using the old events that is.

While there were some outcries because of the rewards, having those events brought hope back. Finally there were visible results, that proved, that someone worked on WAR and cared about it.

Also Keaven brought along the standard crowd control durations for “hard” crowd control. At least the shorter duration of AoE-Staggers certainly provided rounder, less interrupted fights.

Last, but not least, with him the communication with players improved by a large amount. Worth mentioning are cretainly his contribution to the boards, the livestream hosted by Grakulen and the Question Grabback, that Etaew started a while ago.

If someone would ask, if he was perfect, the answer would be no. With him the game improved a lot, both considering the ingame part as well as the communication. I will certainly miss him and his influence on WAR.

I wish you all the best, Keaven.



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