Is WAR dying?

Finding out if WAR is actually dying can only be guessed by having a look at the activities of developers and players.

1. Blogs&Projects

As far as I know, the only project, that is still being improved and modified is my tanking calculator. The only other still active project is, as far as I know, arsenalofwar by werit. Additionally there are obviously a lot of different addons, but not all of them are still being maintained and there seems to be a reduction.

The situation of blogs looks similar. Only werit,blameche(fr), etaew and Darrockmar seem to recently write about WAR, and all except for Darrockmar have other games, that they cover as well. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of WAR blogs left and I don’t see any new ones popping up.

2. Server’s activity

Since I’m back to Karak Norn, I can obviously not really talk about Badlands. I assume, they are still the more active server – but too zergy for me.

2.1 RvR and PvE

The RvR was pretty full and the PvE pretty empty – exactly as anticipated. Maybe this activity was just due to the weekend, because a couple of persons have more time then, but it looked healthy.

2.2 Instances&Scenarios

I had a few Scenarios with short wait times, that sadly didn’t manage to finish my live event quests.

Additionally,I was lucky enough to find a half-filled Thanquol’s Incursion instance with an actual fight. I was quite surprised at that, since usually the gear and lack of renown don’t bring anyone in there to fight. The gear just doesn’t have enough for lower ranked characters, who are the majority on either server and it takes a lot of time to kill the bosses.

3. Patches

Idrynth_039At the moment Kevin, the last known developer, works on balancing. We can already see some of it on the public test server, for example the new swordmaster’s jump. I fear it might be a bit too far actually…

At least no one will be able to claim, that Swordmaster’s aren’t mobile, with 3 jumps within 60 seconds.

4. Resume

Warhammer Online is still suffering from a small, actually too small amount of developers and the community’s activity also lessened. I certainly is less than it used to be. Ingame tho, there are still a lot of players and it seems pretty active. No reason to turn of the servers now – at least not from my point of view.


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