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Hi everyone,

since I’m pretty busy with my own (upcoming) wedding and a few other things, I didn’t manage to play much at all.

livestreamObviously, I plan to change that, therefre there will be a usual live stream on friday, the 6th dec. At 8pm GMT+1, I’ll try to not be hunted down too much on Karak Norn, while enjoying the RvR-areas again. Actually, I’d be happy to meet a lot of you, even if I die often.

Should there be persons willing to help, I’d like to show the town instances on the following saturday. They are well made, but were useless for a long time, so that many new players won’t even have seen them at all.

I would start at 3pm for this, but I’d like to have a short note here, if you’d like to help out, after all I need a group for that. If there aren’t enough persons around, I’ll obviusly can’t show the instances and the stream won’t happen.

Wish you all good things in the world,

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