My first WAR Livestream

On sunday I did my first livestream about WAR for the german community page  WAAAGHde. After the videos, that contain german language, I will just comment on some points, that I noticed.

What did I notice?

  1. I’ll need to wear a defensive set, there were way to many enemies, who arrived in my surrounding area by “chance”.
  2. I really need to make sure, that I count enemies before charging in, some of those attacks were less than unlikely to succeed.
  3. I need to be a bit more of a moderator in teamspeak(voice chat), some of the comments there weren’t really the kind, that I want to have in a video.

What do I wish to do better next time?

  1. a fuller voice chat, so that there are more topics, that can be spoken about
  2. starting with at least one healer in my group
  3. a bit PvE to start off, so everyone is awake, when RvR happens
  4. less zerging by the enemies, it certainly didn’t lead to interesting fights and actually turned out to be annoying quite a lot of times

Would any of you wish for something else instead?

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