My wishes for WAR’s 5th birthday

I’m certainly not one of the most optimistic people around, so I’ll start with three wishes, of which I’m pretty sure none will ever reach the light of the day.

1st wish

A different studio with different publishers takes over Warhammer Online in the state, that it has at the moment. They start rebuilding parts to what they think is best, taking especially high interest in fun and diverse fights.

This obviously includes changes to the enviroment, als well as giving everyone more options to specialize. For example there could be more mastery-trees, couldn’t there?

Additionally, this new studio will have communication with the pretty dedicated community we have, trying to remove flaws in balancing and design.

2nd wish

Games Workshop decides to get their MMO back to where it belongs – under their direct control.

Additionally to short-term publicity and advertising in the related areas(for example the White Dwarf), newly appointed developers have an easier time to access those, that may decide, so that small changes can go live more easily and way faster.

3rd wish

EA finally notices, that it could make some more money from Warhammer Online. They decide to temporarily increase the developers and build a small expansion, that needs to be paid for.

The expansion will obviously not even remotely reach the ones created by Blizzard, but never the less, it should increase WAR’s time to live by a few more years and give us something new to do.


All in all, I’m mostly waiting for something or someone reanimating the half-dead WAR-developement. In best case that company or the persons would care about background and community, but this is getting more and more optional by the day.

What would you like to see for WAR’s birthday in 12 days?

Yours, Idrinth

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