Old, new RvR

CampaignThe old RvR had two different mechanics to lockzones. First, it was possible to lock zones by collecting points through public quests, scenarios, battlefield objectives and castles or by just killing enough players.

There were two huge problems with that system. The conquest of a zone could be slowed down more by not turning up and forcing the second system on the enemy then by turning up. This is due to the Points from fights in the zone being necessary to lock a zone.

Conquest by time took two hours in return, where the would-be conquerors just stood around and waited for timers to tick down, hoping that nobody would reset any of those.

My proposal is therefore meant to deal with waiting and leaving being more effective than fighting.

Modified Vp-System

Battle Objectives

Batle objectives provide 5% of the necessary points when successfully conquered. This percentage slowly reduces itself, until it reaches 1% at the time of being unlocked again. From that point onwards the BO’s value starts increasing again, until it reaches 9% after being occupied for 30 mins.

In total the objectives can therefore provide up to 45% of a zone lock just by being held.


Keeps, as larger battle objectives, are as valuable as two normal BOs, but take two times the duration for the maximum amount of points. If they are claimed by a guild, the maximum after an hour will increase by additional 7% of the necessary total.

All in all Keeps and BOs can provide 95% of a lock that way, something that should keep the waiting time very low.


Fights, the reason why players kept away from a nearly locked zone, will give points again, but is this time influenced by AAO, making the smaller faction produce 1/2,1/3 or 1/4 of the usual amount. The maximum reachable here is 10 of the lock total.


Scenarios also bring up to 10% of the lock, but will not only count victories but points total. This is meant to reduce the amount of bullying, since even a lost battle can help out wih the few needed points.

1 percent are the equivalent of a victory with 500 points or 1000 points added from different scenarios. Points gained this way will be lost at 1 point per second.

Public Quests

As a small part of the Effort, public quests can povide 1-3% of the needed points for a lock, that degrade over up to 15 mins, loosing one point per 5 mins. The amount of points supplied is based on the difficulty of the related public quest.

Lower level areas

Lower level areas provide resources to the higher tiers. No matter the actual situation, they always bring 5% of their total points to the next tier.

A T3 area dominated by destruction at 98:44 points would provide 4% for destruction an 2% for order in the related T4 pairing.

Area based differences

pairingSince every nation would defend their own ground with much more determination, it gets harder for he enemy to lock the area closest to the own capital. This obviously only affects T4, since other tiers don’t have different areas per pairing.

The so far mentioned system will provide up to about 135% of a lock as a maximum, giving us enough to play around with without making fights in an area a bad choice.

If an area borders to the enemy capital, a lock for the attacker will therefore not take 100 points, but 110 points. This should make it harder for both sides to farm their enemies capital cities again and again in a short time.


There was a so-called “underdog”-bonus, that made it easier to archieve something for the loosing side. In the changed version of the old system it will still give a point to the conquered side every time their city is attacked – or take one from the winning side if they have points.

If the amount of points reaches 2 on either faction, the amount of victory points for actually conquering an area go down by 2% each. This will make it way easier for them to fight back at the very least.



At the moment the only major problem I see is too fast locking of areas. This should be prevented by giving enough defenses to the keeps. With that they are a challenge again and can actually do their job of holding back an enemy force.

Giving out a defender’s reward, like a small renown tick would also help a huge lot. Every player likes rewards and that one would make driving off enemies even sweeter.

What’s you opinion on this version? Did I miss some more problems or do you believe, that this would be fun?


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