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After Turino proposed adding classes to make up for missing roles in scenarios, here is my proposal for 4 possible classes, that should be able to replace existing classes if needed. Obviously, they are not balanced yes, since this is a first take on them from my side.

All toggles have a 30 second cooldown to prevent frequent switching in between the benefits.


If healers are missing, it’s usually not just one, so this one must not be as group-focussed as a wp, while still having medium armor to offset the risk of having to be closer to the front lines.

This healers base-range is 75 feet if not mentioned differently.

  • Blessing
    Heals a single target over 9-18 seconds for medium health per second reduces the incoming damage by 10%
  • Greater Blessing (7s cooldown)
    Removes one curse or crippling effect from up to 7 Players within 60 feet and heals them for mediumlow health per second over 6 seconds
  • Shielding Prayer(10s cooldown)
    Shields the group within 100 feet from a medium amount of damage within 10 seconds
  • Targeted Renewal(2s cast)
    Heal one target for a high amount health
  • Bandages
    Heals one Player within 60 feet for a medium amount of life directly and again over 6 seconds
  • Natures calming Hand(channel)
    Reduces the chance to be critically hit for the whole group by 50% for 5 seconds and heals for a low health per second


  • +10% outgoing heal
  • -10% incoming damage
  • +15% crit chance


Since Tanks are the backbone of keeping a group alive, any kind of tank needs to have guard as well as heavy armor and some options of supporting his group.

  • Curse(7s cooldown)
    Reduces outgoing healing by 33% for 10 Seconds, deals medium Damage over 10 Seconds
  • Slow(10s cooldown)
    Reduces movement speed of up to 6 targets within 30feet by 33% for 15 Seconds and deals low Damage
  • Guard(toggle)
    Shares damage taken of an ally with you without a chance of defence on your side
  • Sprint(20s cooldown)
    Increases your speed and the speed of allies within 20 feet by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Taunt
    Reduces enemies outgoing damage by 65% for 5 Seconds while he isn’t attacking you.
  • Word of Affection(5s channel,30s cooldown)
    Draws all enemies within 6030 feet towards you and damages them for medium damage


  • +10% damage done
  • +5% damage done by group to tank’s target
  • -5% damage recieved by the tank’s group

Melee DD

Melee damage dealers are the backbone of most groups, bringing the main burst. With some small support, their main focus is burst.

  • Impair(15s cooldown)
    Knocks an enemy down for 3 seconds,5 seconds if critically hit, and deals high damage
  • Drawing Blood
    Drains 50% of the next incoming healing from an enemy and returns it as healing divided to his group, low damage, lasts 5seconds, 5 stacks
  • Bone breaker(5 sec cooldown)
    Increases chance to critically hit by 25% and chance to be critically hit by 5%. 5seconds duration, medium damage
  • Bloody Weapons
    Deals low Damage instantly and medium Damage/second over 5 Seconds
  • Cruel Hit(7seconds cooldown)
    Deals medium damage or high damage if Target is below 50% hitpoints
  • Fast escape(30s cooldown)
    Increases movement speed by 5025% for 5 seconds.


  • +25% bonus damage on crit
  • +10% base damage
  • -25% damage done, Abilities hit up to 6 players in a front-cone

Ranged DD

For me, Ranged damage dealers are as much supporters for their group as sources of reliable damage. The base-Range is 65 feet.

  • Away!(1525 seconds cooldown)
    Deals low Damage and knocks a target a mediumlong distance away
  • Bringing Down(15 seconds cooldown)
    Deals medium Damage and high Damage/second over 3 to 6 seconds
  • Targeted Effort(7s cooldown)
    Deals medium Damage per Second over 5 Seconds and increases target’s damage taken by 15%
  • End them(30seconds cooldown)
    Deals high Damage to a target and turns 33% of the healing recieved into AoE-Damage around the target for 5 seconds.
  • Eagle’s Eye(3s channel, 5 seconds cooldown)
    Increases groups chance to critically hit by 25%.Deals low Damage.
  • Quick Shot(1s channel)
    Hit’s a target 3 to 7 times for low damage per hit within 1 second


  • +10 feet range
  • +10% movement speed
  • +25% duration
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