The new tanking calculator

Since I haven’t had much support concenring testing the upcoming tanking calculator, I’ll spend some time to list some of the benefits this calculator will have.

Additionally, I obviously also want to give everybody who is interested a chance to get up to date on the status of the calculator.

Obviously there are some benefits, that directly relate to the tanking calculator, for example:

  • an option to compare the values of two different sets of stats (done)
  • A ranking for tank’s stats, making the choice of spec a bit easier (work in progress)
  • displaying a hint concerning instances that could be tanked with the entered stats (planning)

The new base of the software also profides some additional benefits, making the following options possible:

  • a dps-calculator for automatic attacks(work in progress, about 75% done)
  • An extension for the dps-calculator, also allowing abilities to be calculated (planned)
  • Import of equipment data (planned)
  • Import of URLs of the old tanking calculator (done)

Additional to those points above, the following points are considered unfinished. While they don’t really hurt the functionality, they are quite important for usability and will be dealt with accordingly:

  • Javascript support to reduce the need of reloading the page for every single calculation
  • Fixes for the look
  • Error messages
  • Tooltips for all inputs

What I’d be interested in now is, what you’d like to see additional to that. Obviously I’d also like to get some testers, after all, the more persons help, the more time I can actually spend on writing the code. Additionally, it’ll make it less likely, that we miss errors, so you’d help yourself by helping me.

Idrinth Thalui

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