Toughness instead of armor?

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Since I restarted playing WAR recently, I found people discussing the avaible options for defence again. In the following short post, I’ll try to collect all relevant data and give an opinion on this less than sufficiently discussed topic.

This is obviously a pretty short post, since it’s meant to make you think about your defence – knowing why you chose what you chose is more useful than just following the current popular opinion because it’s popular.

What are the benefits of armor?

Armor has a pretty high maximum damage reduction at 75% and is easy to increase with armor talismans. Physical damage is usually one of the main parts of any organized damage spike on your character.

What are the benefits of toughness?

Toughness is hard to debuff and hard to ignore or pass through. Especially there is no percentage ignore of any kind for toughness. The most obvious reductions due to toughness are visible against dots.

What are the drawbacks of armor?

Armor suffers from being easily reduced and ignored. Next to specific abilities, that ignore a percentage of armor(25%-100%), there are also abilities ignoring absolute amounts. Added to that there are a lot of armor debuffs and most physical dps will end up with around or above 50% armor ignore from weaponskill.

This results in hugely different amounts of damage taken depending on the quality of the enemies. Unorganized enemies rarely provide many option of ignoring armor, resulting in high defence aginst those people. On the other hand most organized groups will easily combine options to reduce the damage reduction to something in between 10 and 25%  even after stacking armor way over the cap.

What are the drawbacks of toughness?

Toughness has a low rate of return per single point, so that it takes a bigger investment to see a result. When stacking toughness it is normal to combine renown rank and talismans, so it has a higher investment than armor stacking.

My Opinion

I obviously see both options as a valid choice for increasing the survivability in WAR – otherwise I wouldn’t have kept the topic that open. The main issue for choice is the drawbacks, that are severe for either choice.

From experience with my healers, I have more issues with sudden damage spikes, than with constant damage, that is for the most parts reliable. The issue with spikes is the time to react – sometimes it’s too little if the main damage reduction is not working as intended.

What is very relevant here is, that most of the damage avoidance redistribution and mitigation is ability based.  No matter if you stack armor or toughness, the main damage reduction will always be from things like guard or challenge. There is pretty much no way of stacking either damage reduction to equal out the benefits from having a tank around.

Personaly I prefer toughness at the moment, especially due to the high amount of magical damage. Do you agree on that solution?

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