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As should be known to about everyone, the developer team of WAR got even smaller and the Patch 1.4.9 hasn’t yet been issued a release date.


I do obviously have some guesses, but the most likely is, that Electronic Arts doesn’t expect any gains from investing into this game and continue the development.

This is why WAR needs you!

War gets it’s income from players, the more players it has, the more income it generates. Like every other large company, income is something, that should generate attention from EA, with more attention usually meaning more invested money.

EA is well know for dropping everything, that doesn’t generate enough money, so this would be especially likely.

How can everyone help?

It’s actually pretty easy, help to bring new players to WAR and give WAR a more obvious presence in the WWW. Among the options, there are a lot of things you can do for free. Next to blogs, that I personally prefer because it’s easier to keep track of them, Twitter, Facebook and livestreams would also help.

Videos, especially if mentioned on other channels as well, are also pretty good to generate interest in the game – assuming they are good enough.

Why should you blog?

Well, you do have some experience of the game, you have stories about battles you foughts and opinions about this game? Well, if you dropped by, you’ll be likely to have some of those and therefore already the first few topics you could blog about.

The actual question would be: Why not?

Will anyone be intersted at all?

I obviously can’t guarantee that, after all I don’t know how you’ll present your content. If it’s fun to read, then there will be some readers for sure. I’ll help with the first few, by featuring you on WAAAGHde‘s daily news.

You won’t start with a lot, but if your stuff is interesting, they’ll be back for sure.

You don’t have a lot of topics or time?

Well, there’s a solution for this problem of course. You can of course try to work like this one, where there isn’t a post every week – or you could join up with others to write a blog.

Maybe a guild blog or something like that? Or just joining up with a community site, where you can publish once in a while.

You need help to actually get your blog running?

Well, you won’t need to get it started yourself most of the time anyway, there are a lot of free systems avaible, that every search engine will pick up easily.

If there are further questions, just drop me a mail(see imprint) and I’ll help where I can.

You want to write something, but just don’t know about what?

I do agree that finding a topic can take a whole lot of time, but more often than not, having a look at other blogs can help. Why shouldn’t you review ideas or expand them?

Just link back to the original and you might even get a post back, that expands upon your comments and ideas…

And how does this help WAR?

It helps in two ways. First it increases the chances of other stumbling on up to date information and not balancing problems, that were fixed a few years ago. This might make it more likely, that someone tries out the game, after all there is nothing as broke around, as the bright wizards AoE once was…

With a louder community and more interest from actual players, there will be others who grow more interested as well. If it works and WAR grows, there will be one less reason to pull the plug – there might even be investments, if it looks good enough…

In general I’m happy about every little bit of work done for WR and it’s community – no matter what you do. Should you have anything, that deserves more attention, just drop me a tweet, a mail or any other message and I’ll see what I can do.

For example Washmid has rebuild a mastery and renown planner, like the one previously hosted by Werit and originally build by Rancid. While still work in progress, it is actually useable. You want to know what it looks like at the moment? Here is the preview version.


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