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Hi everyone,

At the moment I’m pretty low on time, as should be obvious when looking at my playtime, the progress I’m making in different projects and the lack of posts over here.

I started working on a signature generator for the WAR private server during the last few days, that automatically collects data from the website to provide easy access to up-to-date signatures.

To use that one, you just need to choose your desired font on the small page, add your character’s id and generate the image. Other sizes will be avaible soon, I’m currently just working on changing the size on the fly.

Obviously I will add more backgrounds and will likely replace the race and class icons with an image of a member of those – obviously without requiring any further work from any of you.

Where can I find my charakter’s id?

Since I’ve been asked that question before a couple of times, here is a short explanation:

  1. Open the “Armory” of Return of Reckoning
  2. Search for your character
  3. Open the detail page or just use the url of the link
  4. Copy your ID from the link, in my case 236
  5. Add your ID in the form on tools.idrinth.degenerator
  6. Have fun with your new signatureIdrinth's Signature

I hope that helped you, otherwise please ask,

Idrinth Thalui

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