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As everyone around WAR will have already noticed, it will be shut down at the end of the year. To be exact, it will die on the 18th of december this year.

A story by Carrie Gouskos, that seems to be filled with pretty far streched truths, is avaible on the official Page. I’m not actually angry about WAR being shut down, but about how it was done. At the very least Mythic could have found the time to do something with the actual community of this game – sadly the failed so far.

We have payed, bled and worked for WAR for many years and tried to get improvements done. Sometimes we managed, sometimes we failed, but there is so much of us in this game, that the cold end just proved, that some persons failed to see how much others care.

What does the closing of WAR mean for us?

Well, there is the hope of keeping WAR alive(Petition) or that Sega could take over WAR(Petition;Begründung). The only alternative I know, is the emulator-project, that seems to be pretty inactive and would need to be reanimated.

While I don’t see great chances for either of the petitions, they are our only legal option of keeping the game. The emulator would certainly need work and is likely to attract the attention of Games Workshop and SEGA’s lawyers.

What I would therefore propose:

  1. sign both petitions
  2. if you know c++, take a look at the unfinished emulator
  3. we all look for something as a replacement, maybe the old DAOC or maybe the unofficial Sequel, that is being developed

I hope you have some better ideas than me, it is still a bit too limited. Even if not, fighting for WAR can not make us loose more, maybe we’ll win something back instead.


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