Weapontypes in WAR

In WAR there are four different options regarding weapons used, that each has a specific bonus for the character using them. Sadly some of the benefits are inferior to others, meaning that anyone using that specific weapon combination is harmed by that choice.

Current Benefits

Two-Handed weapon -10% Block
two one-handed weapons +10% Parry
one-handed weapon and class specific item Block if it’s a shield

Class resources for DoK and WP

single handed weapon and ranged weapon Ranged combat

The Issues

It should pretty obvious, that the bonus provided by a pair of single handed weapons is useful pretty much the whole time if you have any melee-able class, while all the other boni are conditional at best.

The class-specific items, like shields, books and chalices, obviously do help their classes by either providing more defense or increasing the class resource generation by a noticable amount.

The ones obviously suffering from their single handed weapons are ranged characters and anyone actually fighting with a single weapon. I’d propose changing the weapons in the following way.

Single melee weapon

Using a single melee weapon only should make it easier to control than either two weapons or an overly huge weapon.

I would therefore assume, that it’s easier to parry with it than with a huge weapon, while it’s also easier to evade the enemies parry due to the better control in comparison to having two weapons.

Following the system above, I would increase the wielder’s chance to parry by 5% as well as increasing his or her parry strikethrough by 5%. This would mean, that having a single weapon is somewhat of a middle ground solution.

Two-handed weapons

All two handed weapons, including both the elegant swormaster’s blades as well as the hammers of warrior priests, are way heavier than one handed weapons. This enables them to strike through defenses with more ease than those ligher weapons.

While the original simulated that by giving a block strikethrough of 10% to those weapons, this would only work on the rare tank with a shield that needed to be attacked from the front. I don’t see a reason why parry would have an easier time agains these kind of attacks, so switching to parry would at least increase it’s usefulness to all melee opponents.

The new benefits

Two-handed weapon -10% Parry
2 one-handed weapons +10% Parry
One handed weapon +5% Parry

-5% Parry

Do you believe, that this would equal out the effectiveness of different melee weapons better? Do you have a better idea to make it work?



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