What could WAR be like, if heal-debuffs were weaker?

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Since Taugrimm, another Blogger, already spoke about to high heal-debuffs here, I’ll share some thoughts on WAR’s 75% heal-debuff maximum. Or rather, what war could look like, if they were reduced in power.

For argument’s sake, I’ll asume, that all percentage-based heal-debuffs will be at half of their actual power. That would increase the minimum healing from 25%(50% outgoing and 50% incoming heal-debuff) to 56.25%(25% outgoing and 25% incoming heal-debuff).

As the shared Point, I’ll assume a single heal-debuff on the target. Therefore the effective healing both before and after the change would need to be the same:

0.5*{old Heal} = 0,75*{new Heal} => {new Heal}= 2/3*{old Heal}

For comparison I’ll take a warrior priest’s group heal. Assuming 900 heal now, it would need to heal for about 600 to archive the shared point.

with the stated amount of debuffs, the result would look like the following:

old new
no debuffs 900 600
single debuff 450 450
two debuffs 225 336

What results could that have?
Well, first, it would obviously make extremes more useful, since healing isn’t as potent as it was before in best case scenarios.
At the same time, the imbalance between different healers and healing-specs would be smaller, since the still existing differences would result in a way lower absolute difference.
Last, but not least, it will increase the relative power of classes without heal-debuffs, since their dps-output doesn’t need to be two to four times higher then those, that have a heal-debuff.

Obviously, not everything is great…

  • The time for just rolling someone gets even lower, since the healing in that case wasn’t enough before and will be even lower now. Over-rolling normally isn’t based on heal-debuffs, but on a to low heal-output relatively to the amount of dps.
  • Without changes to AE, it will most likely be efficent to bomb again. This method never relied upon heal-debuffs and would profit from the lowered heal-output.
  • Single target heals need to get stronger(relatively) and lifepoints need to be increased, to give healers the needed time to react to damage, that isn’t covered as much by group heal anymore.

An example
Lets assume a group consisting of 4 swordmasters for ease of use. They do not have any heal-debuff and will hit for about 1k/gcd each.
The target is a guarded squishy, that is healed by two healers group heals with 900/gcd/healer @25% chance to crit. That would be a close race, but on average, the 2025 heal/target will make sure, the swordmasters don’t kill anyone.

Replacing the swordmasters by ironbreakers, we would still have about the same amount of damage per character. Those dwarfs just have a lower burst, not less dps. But those ironbreakers could heal-debuff both healers, reducing their heals by 50% each.
For ease of calculation, I’ll assume, one IB will reapply that debuff on both healers, so that only three ironbreakers hit their target. Those three would deal about 1.5k damage per target, while the healers would heal for about 1025 per target, loosing the hps-dps-race by 475.
They therefore would kill their target.

After the changes, it would look similar to the following:

The healers would only heal for about 1350/gcd, so the swordmasters could outdamage them by 650 damage per gcd. At least as long as the healers spend their time spamming groupheal.

Against the ironbreakers, the healoutput will be reduced to 1012/gcd, so the ironbreakers still deal 488 damage/gcd more then the amount the healers can heal.

The difference between the expected and the actually recieved amount of healing obviously got lower by a lage amount, while the groups wouldn’t need to rely on the heal-debuff as much, to actually kill a target.
That could possibly open up new group-setups or versions of those and should increase the importance of single-target heal by a large amount. Maybe the chance, that archmages and shamans need?

Possibly I’m totally wrong on that, do you believe, that the changes would be mostly positive or would they be negative?

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