Why changes to the health point calculations would have been a good start

What some might have noticed on the official boards, was the idea to adjust health point calculations.

At the moment, the following formular is used:

Health points = 10* Life

The idea was:

Health points = 15* Life

What changes might that bring to the game?

 Time To Die in 1vs1 Fights

In duels and other 1vs1 fight, the time to die would obviously increase. Ususally by 50%, but healers and everyone who can manage to survive to second pots will gain more from it.

While 1vs1 is not this game’s focus, as has been stated numerous times, I only see a small increase in risk for ganking melee classes here. This should mostly be offset by the increased cc-length that was introduced with the last balance patch.

Time To Die in 6v6 Figths

6vs6 fights or group based fights in general take a way longer time already, because both sides need to wait for somebody to make a mistake, that they can use.

If those changes were actually applied, it would obviously have increased the time to die even further, since there is more time to react. With increased difficulty, kills should still be possible, if enough cc is applied to either shut down healing or guards for a while.

Burst vs Dot/HoT

Since pure burst won’t be able to score a kill before any reactions are possible, all damage (and healing) over time will get more effective.

This is provided by a higher time to life, making stacking of those effeckts possible. Additionally with the provided time, DoT effects and HoT effects finally have a chance again to do their work in preparing a target for burst.

Last, but certainly not least, the not exsting tick of HoTs on second 0 will get less important, since it will be way more likely, that a target will get more than just a single tick.


From my perspective, this change would have reduced the efficiency differences in between burst-heavy and dot-classes, since their relative effect on an enemies health pool would have been closer.

On the other hand, DoT itself would have grown more important, since it would have been way more important to keep enemy healers buisy. After all, group heal is usually not the most effective way of keeping a single target alive.

With the longer time to live, cloth healers will also be a bit more effective again, since they are more heavily based on heals castable on the move. Due to those being HoTs ususally, especially the shaman should gain effectiveness this way..


I realise, that it will make fights beween very, very similar groups even longer and less fun for the participants. On the other hand those fights shouldn’t turn up very often, so it would improve the usual gameplay, while reducing the fun of one sort by a bit.

While I do like to run around in small groups or even solo, I do not see that much sense in balancing for rare occurences, especially, while this should only be a band-aid.

Do you have any other reasons, why you’d like or hate to have higher life points? I’d like to hear your opinion.

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