More choices for the Disciple of Khaine

Disciples have a pretty small range of abilities that they usually rotate through in all three specs. While they have a lot of buffing or debuffing abilities, those are often situational, leading to relatively low counts of used abilities.

I’m aiming to expand the range of commonly useful abilities here, allowing for a wider range of rotations. All of these abilities are meant to enhance group play.

Khaine’s Bloodlust

15 seconds cooldown
Shield or Chalice
25 AP
Khaine’s bloodlust refreshes your group mates’ will to fight, restoring 360 health over 9 seconds on their defensive target on a sucessful melee attack.

Khaine’s Wrath

15 seconds cooldown
Two weapons or Shield
25 AP
For each of your sucessful melee attacks within the next 5 seconds your group recovers half the soul essence cost in AP over 3 seconds.

Khaine’s Blessing

15 seconds cooldown
Two weapons or Chalice
25 AP
Enemies hit by the next ability within 5 seconds are crippled for 450 damage over 9 seconds. Each second they remain crippled they restore 50 health to their nearest enemy.

Sacrifical Stab

20 seconds cooldown
Two weapons
50 AP
You stab your enemy for 400 damage, crippling them for 400 more damage over 9 seconds if they are already crippled.

Bleeding Edge

20 seconds cooldown
50 AP
You coat your blade in your own blood, reducing your wounds by 40 for 9 seconds. For the next 9 seconds any of your attacks will shield a random ally within 20 feet for 50% of the damage done.


20 seconds cooldown
50 AP
Drinking blood from your own chalice, you lay claim to some of Khaine’s power. You and any enemy within 30 feet will be crippled for 400 damage over 9 seconds. Enemies affected are 10% less likely to be critically healed.

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