TomeTactics: A new use

Currently tome tactics are not implemented, likely because they serve a very narrow purpose in making you slightly more efficient against a specific enemy type.

I propose instead using them to give very slight pvp-buffs or class feature changes that make them interesting. The following are just ideas and I’d love to hear some further ideas.

Tank Tactics

  • You lose the ability to guard, but instead restore 200 HP and 10 AP per second to all allies within 50 feet.
  • You lose the ability to guard, but instead increase your group members’ initiative and toughness by 240 while they are within 100 feet.

Stealther Tactics (Witch Hunter & Witchelf)

  • You lose the ability to stealth, but gain 160 toughness and initiative and restore 5AP to every group member within 100 feet whenever you damage an enemy.
  • You lose the ability to stealth, but motivate your group mates, restoring 15% of your damage done as healing to them.

Melee Tactics

  • Your detaunt no longer reduces damage done to you, but instead decreases outgoing damage of affected enemies by 25%.
  • Your detaunt no longer reduces damage done to you, but instead heals all allies within 30 feet for 300HP per second over 10 seconds.

Ranged Tactic

  • Your abilities have their range reduced by 50%, but your armor is increased by 50%.

Stationary Pet Tactic(Magus & Engineer)

  • You can no longer summon a pet, but instead apply a buff to your group increasing their damage by 1% per 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times while within 30 feet of you.
  • You can no longer summon a pet, but the ability instead grants 100 AP and 25 Morale for allies within 30 feet.

Elven Tactics

  • Your natural grace allows you to move 5 points faster than everyone else.
  • Your long life has granted you patience, increasing your morale gain by 5/second.

Dwarven Tactics

  • Your natural toughness allows you to decrease debuff durations by 10%.
  • Your long life makes you unshaking, reducing morale reductions by 50%.

Greenskin Tactics

  • You are cleverer at finding weak spots, allowing you to hit 5% harder with crits.
  • You are meaner than everyone around you, allowing you to remove 2 morale from any enemy hit by you.

Human Tactics

  • You are more adaptable than most others, decreasing the damage done to you by 5% if hit with the same type of damage within 2 seconds.
  • Your will to survive burns brightly, restoring 5% of suffered damage over 10 seconds.
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