Useless Tactics for DoKs

Alignment of Naggaroth is the dark elves spirit resistance tactic. Given the low amount of spirit damage users, there is next to no reason to slot this. This problem is shared by pretty much all racial resistance tactics, therefore they might need to gain an additional effect.

In the case of Alignment of Naggaroth a small initiative buff,level x 2 for example, woulkd make sense in the context, as well as giving at least some reason to slot the tactic.

Bathing in Blood is another of the useless tactics, restoring less than 500 HP on a killing blow at level 40. Staying within the theme of the tactic, it should heal a small amount on damaging an enemy, basically be a 100% chance version of the Covenant of Vitality.

I would propose something along the lines of healing for level on damaging an enemy and additionally healing for level x 12 over 4 seconds when killing someone.

Restorative Burst is likely the least useful tactic out of the three I chose. It applies to cast healing, restoring AP, that is not used by healing DoKs at all. The easiest fix here is making it affect the group or make it proc from any healing done.

I would therefore propose the 40 AP over 3 seconds to be restored to the critically healed group member. While the healer restores 50% of the heal’s cost over 3 seconds.

What do you think about those ideas, would you use some of the tactics after these changes?

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